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What is the purpose of the program?
The purpose of the program is to encourage consumers to shop locally and share locally. Boston Community Change promotes shopping at participating businesses by rewarding customers and donating to their favorite causes. The program directs money to local businesses and nonprofits and creates a way for citizen-consumers to make choices about their spending that directly affect how money circulates within our community.

What is the community change card and how does it work?
The magnetic strip card functions as a community loyalty card and is not used for payment. The customer pays with cash, check, credit or debit card.  Businesses swipe the community change card and the transaction data is recorded. BCC then disburses the dollars to cardholders and their chosen beneficiaries.

What are the community benefits?
The program provides a new source of dollars flowing to schools and nonprofits. The online transaction system provides feedback about the difference choices make. The program brings together the civic, nonprofit and business sectors and enables them to leverage the power of the consumer dollar to reverse negative social and environmental trends in communities.  Consciousness + commitment = change

What are some rebate examples that businesses can provide consumers?

  • 5% off every purchase
  • 10% off if you spend over $50

What kind of card are we talking about?

The Change Card has a magnetic strip on the back and functions as a loyalty and identification card. No money is stored on the card, and the customer can pay any way they want. The card transmits transaction data through the MasterCard exchange, so processing is as simple as swiping the card through the credit card processor.

How will residents know which stores accept the loyalty card, and what type of discounts or loyalty benefits the store offers?

  • There will be instore decals and displays to draw attention to the program.
  • Rewards will be updated dynamically and online at
  • Periodic enewsletters will be sent out highlighting local merchants.
  • Stores can individually promote benefits that they decide to offer through the program.
  • District Main Street offices can promote benefits offered by district stores.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We are committed to maintaining your privacy and protecting your information. Please review our Privacy Policy.

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